"I Won't Give Up On You" Lyrics

You ask me why I let you in,
Through the rain and back again,
Everyone deserves a second chance,
In that moment, you told me lies,
Saw the back of your head through your eyes,
Now in them I only see your tears,
And you make me want to be stronger before,
The world's allowed to break you down and conquer you more.

I won't give up on you,
Even if I wanted to,
Everything I am is rooted in the things that you do,
And I won't give up on you.

We recite these hollow prose,
Dance around the lightning bolts,
We land back in a place that feels 'like new',
And in that calm collect,
We've absolved the other's debt,
And everything is right as it can be,
With you, your body makes my heart beat with haste,
Way too, many defeats that led to victories to waste.

You and I are from a very humble place,
We're not the type of people that we couldn't both replace,
But you're the only link to myself at a younger age,
If we were to part, that's part of me I never could reclaim.