"December" Lyrics

Another year it came and went.
And now we're all back here again,
Telling tales about what changed,
Not very much - barely enough,
To warrant some beer,
To solicit some cheer,
To be with the ones we hold dear,

Here at home,
The place where we were grown,
We set out on our own,
Just to come back here,
Every year at this time,
At home.

Tell me how you've been,
It's been a while,
Or not that long at all,
Since that fall,
Not fall as in autumn talking 'bout when I ate the ground,
Do you remember that time in your parents' closet,
When we both lost it,
Funny how much changed since then,
Now we're only friends,
Sitting with each other's loved ones,

Although it's cold and grey,
I wish that we could all stay,
But when winter fades away,
We'll all have to go our separate ways,
Away from home.